Solar Air Conditioning Commercial

Absorbtion Air Conditioning

Solar Air-Conditioning System for Commercial Buildings.

On a hot summer day the sun is blazing down. The heat is oppressive for all plants and creatures,
including you. It would be nice if someone could turn at least some of this heat into cooling?
A cool idea, indeed? Well, much more than just a cool idea, this is now a cool reality.
Commercially viable, efficient, mature and reliable Solar Air-Conditioning package is now available
as a result of our research and development. Instead of syphoning away mains power on the hottest
days, causing power blackouts and worse, Greenland Systems Solar Air-Conditioning relies on
solar energy. And the hotter the sunshine, the more cooling power it will provide.
Meeting electric power demand on the hottest days when electric powered air-conditioners
overwhelm the grid capacity is a huge problem for the Australian power network. Over the last few
years, partly due to hotter climate, Australian peak energy demand has been growing much faster
than base power demand, making the problem worse. Solar Air-Conditioning is most suitable for
cooling medium to large commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, factories, community buildings,
schools, nurseries, etc, providing pleasant living conditions from a totally renewable carbon-free

Main benefits of Systems Solar Air-Conditioning
1. Slash carbon emissions
2. Significantly reduce power grid load. ( The importance of cutting peak-power load is impossible to
over-emphasize )
3. Cut your energy bills forever
4. Make full use of additional summer energy available from Solar Collectors

  • 14,000 kw Absorbtion heat pump
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