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Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems for Domestic and Commercial Use.


Solar Hydronic Home Heating Systems.

Modular Water Tanks suitable for commercial use.

Solar Pipe Insulation High Temperature 178 degrees C.

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Australian Sun Energy offers the "GreenLand Systems" one of the highest quality evacuated tube solar hot water system on the Australian market. We provide cost effective and high quality hot water systems for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.

Solar energy is a sustainable and renewable energy source. By implementing effective solar energy systems and solar hot water systems, you will be able to harness a clean and abundant energy source that is not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely cost effective.

Take advantage of both the Federal Government solar energy rebate, where applicable, and the State Government rebate, where applicable, and reduce your carbon imprint while lowering the cost of your energy bills by installing a solar energy system.

Australian Sun Energy offers customers:

  Supply and installation of the "GreenLand systems" evacuated tube solar hot water systems.

  Industrial and commercial "GreenLand systems" evacuated tube solar hot water systems.

  Design of evacuated solar hot water systems for custom applications.

  Solar photovoltaic electrical systems.

  Solar Hydronic home floor heating solutions.

Australian Sun Energy effectively combines innovative technology, and solid engineering design to harness the most abundant energy source available on the planet;

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