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Australian Sun Energy provides clients with innovative and sustainable energy solutions to reduce costs in an ever changing world of energy. While some of the brightest minds in the world have created innovative Solar technologies to help us overcome our reliance on non-renewable resources, we face an enormous challenge & implementation. Australian Sun Energy has a proven track record for identifying energy efficient solutions for their clients. Our range of Solar hot water heaters, Evacuated tube solar water heaters, Solar energy panels, they have successfully implemented actions to significantly reduce energy consumption and costs at household, businesses and community level. Australian Sun Energy is dedicated to providing expert advice and customized energy efficiency solutions to their clients. Contact us to discuss your energy solutions.

Services & Product Range

Professional energy engineering, energy consulting, project management services for:

  • Architects & builders
  • Engineers & consultants
  • Commercial business
  • Milk processors
  • Commercial buildings 
  • Industrial & manufacturing
  • Councils & Shires
  • Government
  • Domestic

We source the best available energy efficient technologies from our partners including:




Commercial Solar Australian Sun Energy
Domestic Solar Solutions Australian Sun Energy

Expert installation backed by Australian Sun Energy

This enviable portfolio of energy efficient products together with the experience of our established team of consultants enables us to work with you to develop customised solutions to meet your needs, whatever your application. Australian Sun Energy's highest priority is to create long term profitability, growth and sustainability for our clients. With the use of emerging technologies, we continue to strive and implement the necessary vital initiatives to help us meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Our national network of project managers, installers, electricians, plumbers and technicians, ensure that you can rely on us to manage all aspects of your energy efficiency requirements and you can rest assured that all of our services are backed by our company. 

For more information on Australian Sun Energy's energy solutions, call our customer service centre on 1300 137 407 or visit the contact us page on this website for specific contact details.


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