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Australian Sun Energy

Australian Sun Energy was established in 2009 by the founding Directors, Roslyn and Peter Taylor. 

The Company has built the business around energy efficient products. The benefits of  investing in energy efficiency is beneficial to  households, business and industry.

For households, energy efficiency means lower energy bills, a more comfortable home and contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

For business and industry, energy efficiency means increased productivity, lower energy and maintenance costs, increased competitiveness, and reduced exposure to fluctuating energy prices. 

For governments being energy efficient is paramount as it moves to meet The Paris Agreement requirements of reducing greenhouse emissions. It is also the responsibility of the Government to lead the way in energy efficiency  so others will follow.

The Australian Sun Energy team are able to offer professional services from the initial concept, design and installation of renewable and energy efficiency products to their clients.

Australian Sun Energy is unique in the renewable industry combining a diverse range of high quality products, solutions and renewable energy equipment that can be offered to customers across Australia, Europe, Asia and African continent.


About Us


About Us


About Us


About Us


Planning Design Supply Install

Australian Sun Energy have worked with some of the largest companies in Australia,  planning, design and supply of systems.


Australian Sun Energy has a diverse network of engineers, mechanical plumbers, plumbers and consultants available to them to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Australian Sun Energy have trained installers throughout Australia that specialise in the installation of our range of systems for residential and commercial applications.


Roslyn Taylor


Peter Taylor

Managing Director


Australian Sun Energy has grown significantly and have built an efficient distribution network with key stock and warehouse locations in many capital cities. The network has been built to ensure even through periods of growth and increase in demand, customers always receive the same high level of service that Australian Sun Energy is committed to.

Our Services

Australian Sun Energy takes great pride in providing the best renewable energy and energy efficient solutions to customers. Equally important to us is supporting the customers and community who support our business. We provide a 7 day/week after hours service to our clients.

About Us


Australian Sun Energy has a Work Health and Safety Management System in place. All subcontractors are required to provide evidence of insurances and are required to undertake an induction.