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Australian Sun Energy provides clients Australia and World Wide with innovative and sustainable energy solutions to reduce costs in an ever changing world of energy. We face an enormous challenge & implementation. Australian Sun Energy has a proven track record for identifying energy efficient solutions for their clients. Our large range of solar hot water heaters, evacuated tube solar water heaters, solar energy panels, water storage tanks and Warmboard hydronic floor heating have successfully implemented actions to significantly reduce energy consumption and costs at household, businesses and community projects. Australian Sun Energy is dedicated to providing expert advice and customized energy efficiency solutions.

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Projects and Solutions

Domestic Solutions

Our variety of high-quality systems and engineered solutions for architects, designers, contractors, specifiers ,plumbers throughout Australia and overseas…

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Commercial Solutions

Australian Sun Energy offers a variety of high-quality systems and engineered solutions throughout Australia  and internationally …

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Warmboard Radiant Subfloor

A beautiful home should do more than look exquisite it should feel warm and comfortable. Warmboard system is the gives maximum comfort in your home…

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Expert Advice And Solutions From Australian Sun Energy

Australian Sun Energy offers a range of the highest quality evacuated tube solar hot water systems on the Australian market. We provide cost effective and high quality hot water systems for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. Solar energy is a sustainable and renewable energy source. By implementing effective solar energy systems and solar hot water systems, you will be able to harness a clean and abundant energy source that is not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely cost effective.Take advantage of both the Federal Government solar energy rebate, where applicable, and the State Government rebate, where applicable, and reduce your carbon imprint while lowering the cost of your energy bills by installing a solar system. Australian Sun Energy effectively combines innovative technology, and solid engineering design to harness the most abundant energy source available on the planet.