Aeroflex Foam Pipe Insulation

AEROFLEX closed cell foam pipe insulation and sheet insulation is a flexible and lightweight elastomeric material designed for insulating liquid cooling and heating pipelines. The closed cell structure of Aeroflex provides many advantages over most rigid insulations Flexibility which makes installation work easy and neat.Outstanding ultraviolet and weather resistance. Ideal for all domestic and commercial insulation applications


AEROFLEX is an ideal insulation for frost control on sub-zero piping. It prevents heat gain and condensation problems on chilled water and refrigerant pipelines, and it also prevents heat loss from hot water plumbing pipes 

Aeroflex Foam Pipe and Foam Sheet Insulation is made of E.P.D.M. (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) which is a high quality, lightweight elastomeric material providing long lasting pipe insulation. E.P.D.M. is moisture and vapour resistant and has a high UV rating and weather resistance without the need for further coating applications. E.P.D.M. does not react with copper or stainless steel piping unlike other pipe insulation featuring a PVC composition which has a known reaction to copper pipe, causing deterioration of the pipe over time. Aeroflex provides protection and maintains pipe integrity. Aeroflex is one of the largest suppliers of pipe insulation on the Australian market with a fire rating of 0003. This fire rating offers builders and consultants peace of mind when selecting insulation for projects as it is backed by a written, independent test report. Tested to the Australian standard AS1530.3 – 1999.

Aeroflex foam Pipe and foam Sheet Insulation is available in wall thicknesses from 9mm to 63mm to meet R Values required by BCA2011. All lengths are flexible and easy to fit, facilitating a speedier pre-assembly line or pipe can be easily split to apply to existing lines and joints sealed with Aeroflex adhesive. The Aeroflex adhesive chemically bonds the insulation and creates a strong, permanent vapour seal. The Aeroflex pipe insulation is also available in the HT (high temperature) range. Providing a maximum service temperature of 150°C and independently certified to BCA 2011, the HT range is suitable for solar, heating and sanitary applications. Wall thicknesses all meet R Values per AS/NZ3500.4:2003. The full Aeroflex range of accessories are also available to complement this insulation, including: adhesives, tapes, FX blocks and aerostands.

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Aeroflex Foam Pipe Insulation
Aeroflex Foam Pipe Insulation

Aeroflex Pipe and Sheet Insulation is available from 6mm ID up to 273mm ID with thickness from 6mm up to 100mm. Other sizes are also available upon request. Aeroflex Closed Cell pipe Insulation, made of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Synthetic Rubber) as its main raw material, is easily installed to pipe or tubing. The factory-applied coating of talcum powder on the thick and smooth inner skin helps facilitate and speed up preassembly line. When applied to existing lines, tubing should be slit lengthwise and snapped into place. Slitting can be done on the job easily with razors, blades, knives or shears. Cut edges and joints can be sealed with Aeroseal Adhesive (neoprene based contact cement) 

The standard sheet is available in 0.5m x 2.0m (MS1) and 1.0m x 2.0m (MS2) with the wall thickness from 3 mm up to 50 mm. It prevents heat loss and condensation on large pipeline, tanks, chillers, air ducts and other irregular shaped vessels.

Aeroflex sheet with adhesive and aluminum foil lamination is a lightweight insulation installed on air ducts to prevent condensation, save energy and reduce noise. It helps to minimize mold growth and provides better air quality.

Aeroflex offers the widest range of thickness and sizes both tube and sheet forms. To complement its customer needs, other products including Aeroseal glue, Aerotape foam tape, Everseal corktape, Aerocoat acrylic emulsion paint, Aerofix rigid foam hanger, etc., are also available at the distribution network of Aeroflex.

AEROFLEX standard pipe insulation is an EPDM based closed cell light weight elastomeric thermal insulation specially formulated to meet UL 94 V-0, ASTM E 84, Class 5.3 EMPA (Switzerland), IMO (International Marine Organization) and other international fire standards.
Aeroflex standard sheet and tube elastomeric thermal insulation are widely used to save energy and prevent condensation problem on chilled water and refrigeration systems. They also efficiently reduce heat flow on hot water plumbing, liquid heating and dual temperature piping.

It’s Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, also known as EPDM, and it’s what gives Aeroflex insulation its extraordinary durability, even in the most demanding environments and applications.

AEROFLEX closed cell tube and sheet insulation is a flexible and light weight elastomeric material designed for insulating liquid cooling and heating pipelines. The closed cell structure of Aeroflex provides many advantages over most rigid insulations.

AEROFLEX moisture and vapor resistance without using additional vapor barriers.

AEROFLEX Stable thermal conductivity (K. value / value) throughout service life, due to its dense surface skin and closed cell characteristics.

AEROFLEX Flexibility which makes installation work easy and neat. Outstanding ultraviolet and weather resistance.

AEROFLEX is an ideal insulation for frost control on sub-zero piping. It prevents heat  gain and condensation problems on chilled water and refrigerant pipelines, and it also prevents heat loss from hot water plumbing, liquid and dual temperature piping.

Aeroflex Foam Pipe Insulation
Aeroflex Foam Pipe Insulation



Aeroflex closed-cell elastomeric insulation products have been engineered to meet or exceed international fire standards, including ASTM E84 (25/50) and ASTM D635 (self-extinguishing), up to 50 mm thick.

Aeroflex EPDM simply does not degrade as quickly as NBR/PVC elastomeric installation, as third-party testing demonstrates in this white paper: Chemical Polarity and Its Impact on the Performance of Elastomeric Foam Insulation.
Aeroflex EPDM maintains greater UV resistance than NBR/PVC and will degrade at a slower rate. Supplemental UV and mechanical protection are always recommended for exterior applications to maximize the life cycle of the insulation system.


  • Refrigerant line insulation
  • HVAC pipe insulation
  • Plumbing insulation
  • Solar pipe insulation
  • Outdoor plumbing applications
  • Noise reduction
  • Fire resistant – No drip – Smokless



(open-cell structure insulation)

Fiberglass thermal insulation is made from compacted small glass fibers. Air occupies the spaces between the fibers which allow atmospheric moisture to penetrate into the insulation, resulting in very high water vapor permeability.


(semi open-cell structure insulation)

PU Foam is made of polyols and polyisocy- anates mixed with HCFCs or similar gases. The cell wall is very thin and brittle, making it semi-opened cell easily. This allows much moisture penetration, which resulting in high water vapor permeability.


(closed cell structure insulation)

Aeroflex is made from synthetic elastomers based material. The elastomeric material makes Aeroflex flexible with closed cell struc- ture (mainly nitrogen gas inside), resulting in very low water vapor permeability

Aeroflex Foam Pipe Insulation

These 10 situations resulted in insulation failure; seven were caused by the design engineer and three by the installing contractor.

Review some of the chilled water pipe insulation failures by consultants and installers.


• The valves and unions were not insulated — guaranteed to result in condensation and dripping.

• Lack of sealant on joints of pipe insulation.

• Choice of wrong insulation — use of fiberglass, urethane, plastic foam or a cheap hardware store flexible insulation. They work great until they fill up with condensation or melt.

• Lack of commissioning — a quality control inspection is needed on all pipe insulation.

• Workmanship by the pipe fitter or carpenter or whoever was available, suggest experienced install.

• Use of the wrong hangers or the wrong insulation at hangers.

• Lack of adequate space for the insulation around each pipe — installing the supply and return pipes too close to each other will cause problems of condensation and dripping.

• The design engineer used a canned insulation spec that was obsolete 30 years ago.

• The design engineer is in Melbourne and does not understand the humidity issues in northern Australia, insulation product that may work in Melbourne may not work in Darwin.

• The specified pipe insulation was too thin.


AEROFLEX Insulation can be used on any piping system whether it’s Copper, Steel, Plastic, Solar piping, Hydronic heating piping, HVAC systems, Chilled water pipes and Sound deadening. A large variety of Aeroflex products are available allowing you to choose the product that best fits your needs. All Aeroflex thermal pipe insulation are high performance in relation to operating temperature, thermal conductivity, non-toxicity and moisture absorption. Fire performance, Noise reduction, Resistant to most chemicals, large range of sizes and wall thickness, availability and cost are factors which will usually lead to the selection of a specific grade of Aeroflex pipe insulation. Aeroflex Pipe Insulation is widely specified and used for domestic, commercial, and industrial projects in Australia and overseas by specifiers for small and large scale projects.