Aeroflex Calculated R Values

Aeroflex R Values

Calculate your insulation thickness for various pipe diameters

Chart Disclaimer

This calculation chart has been made to the best of our knowledge, as an analysis aid. Neither the manufacturer of AEROFLEX insulation materials nor Engineering Applications Specialists Inc assumes any responsibility or liability on the use of this software.
Physical properties or chemical properties of AEROFLEX Closed Cell
Elastomeric Thermal Insulation represents typical average values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods. However, the manufacturer has no control over the end applications of these materials, particularly when used with or attached to other products.
Therefore, the same results as described herein may not be obtained, or the recommendation made by this program may vary due to possible differences in the actual environments. It is recommended that end user should consult the manufacturer or authorized distributors for more information, otherwise, make their own tests to determine adaptability of material for their particular application.
Due to continuous development of the products, some properties are subject to change without notice.

Aeroflex Wall thickness and Inside Diameter Diagram

Aeroflex R Values