Aeroflex Aerotape Foam Tapes


AEROTAPE is a flexible and self-adhesive insulation foam tape, which is made from the same elastomeric material as Aeroflex Closed Cell Insulation. Ideal for wrapping hot or cold piping and fittings. Energy efficient and very easy to use. Excellent for preventing condensation problems. Designed specially for retarding heat loss in hot piping and preventing heat gain or frost formation on cold, chilled water piping or refrigeration lines. Adheres firmly to all metals. No problem of delamination. Aerotape is specially coated with primer on the non-adhesive side for a long service life.

Aerotape consists of same EPDM foam rubber as Aeroflex insulation, ensuring installation integrity

Refrigeration piping & equipment
Plumbing piping & equipment
Valve handles

Service Temperature Range: -70°F to 200°F (-57°C to 93°C)
Water Vapor Permeability (Perm·inch): 0.03
Water Vapor Absorption (weight %): 0.3%
Self-extinguishing (ASTM D 635)

Aeroflex Aerotape Foam Tapes


AEROFLEX Insulation can be used on any piping system whether it’s Copper, Steel, Plastic, Solar piping, Hydronic heating piping, HVAC systems, Chilled water pipes and Sound deadening. A large variety of Aeroflex products are available allowing you to choose the product that best fits your needs. All Aeroflex thermal pipe insulation are high performance in relation to operating temperature, thermal conductivity, non-toxicity and moisture absorption. Fire performance, Noise reduction, Resistant to most chemicals, large range of sizes and wall thickness, availability and cost are factors which will usually lead to the selection of a specific grade of Aeroflex pipe insulation. Aeroflex Pipe Insulation is widely specified and used for domestic, commercial, and industrial projects in Australia and overseas by specifiers for small and large scale projects.