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Buffer Tanks for Chilled and Hot Water

Australian Sun Energy provide you the latest technology in Panel Tank design for your HVAC system with the most cost-effective solution for your storage needs. By sourcing the best materials available we are able to build tanks that can hold up to 40,000 ltrs Australian Sun Energy is dedicated to producing products that offer superior quality, are defect free and supplied on time with exemplary customer service. We strive to manufacture fully engineered products that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and requirements on a consistent basis. Our staff and management members work closely with clients to determine unique methods that reduce steps, speed up delivery time and simplify the assembly process.

Exceptional performance, reliability and straightforward installation are all offered by our state-of-the-art manufacturing and engineering facility make it possible for Australian Sun Energy to provide you with certified custom buffer tanks.

Australian Sun Energy supply the most advanced technology in the buffer tank industry with our design. Australian Sun Energy buffer tank design is superior in performance and giving long service.


Example - 4000 Litre Custom Designed Buffer Tank

Buffer Tanks Australian Sun Energy
HVAC Buffer Tanks

Available In.
Custom sizing
Mild steel,
304 Stainless steel
316 Stainless steel
Duplex 2205
Vapor sealed
External insulation
Skinned in with Color bond sheet or Ripstop vinyl wrap
Legs and Ring base

AS1210 Requirements
AS1170 Comply with Earthquake Requirements

Australia wide