Ambient hydronic fan coils for ducted heating and cooling systems. Australian made Ambient fan coils provide innovative and smart technology products with high efficiency, ease of installation and use in mind.

Hydronic Bulk Head Fan Coil

Model. AGRCFCU 4.0kw

Air Flow at 100pa

Low: 180 L/S 0.4 amps

Med: 240 L/S 0.7 amps

High: 300 L/S. 1.0 amps

Water Flow Rate: 0.12 L/S

Cooling Capacity: 4.0kW @ 5°C Water ENT

Heating Capacity: 5.5kW @ 45° Water ENT

Weight: 27kg

Hydronic Medium Fan Coil Unit

Model. AGRCFCU 8.8kw

Air Flow at 200pa

Low: 390 L/S 1.5 amps

Med: 450 L/S 1.9 amps

High: 540 L/S 2.5 amps

Water Flow Rate: 0.32 L/S

Cooling Capacity: 8.8kW @ 5°C Water ENT

Heating Capacity: 11.2kW @ 45° Water ENT

Weight: 47kg

Hydronic Large Fan Coil Unit

Fan Coil Range 1 InPixio

Model. AGRCFCU 18.4 kw

Air Flow at 250pa

Low: 720 L/S 2.6 amps

Med: 860 L/S 3.4 amps

High: 980 L/S 4.0amps

Water Flow Rate: 0.72 L/S

Cooling Capacity: 18.4kW @ 5°C Water ENT

Heating Capacity: 21.8kW @ 45° Water ENT

Weight: 65kg


Hydronic Low Profile 4 Pipe Fan Coil Unit

Model. AGRCFCU 4.0kw

Low Profile Bulkhead Fan Coil Unit

(4 Pipe with EC Fans)

Air Flow at 60 L/S

EC Fan 0-450 L/S

27-250 Watts

Water Flow Rate: 0.11 L/S

Cooling Capacity: 3.04kW @ 5°C Water ENT

Heating Capacity: 3.0kW @ 60° Water ENT

Weight: 17kg