Protecting pipe insulation - industrial domestic and commercial applications

A wide variety of PVC fitting covers are available for most standard mechanical grooved pipes. PVC jacketing can be used indoors or outdoors due to UV resistants. It stays white, with exceptional outdoor weathering. It is the choice for food and drug plants and the petrochemical industry. It can be welded shut for use in food plants.

Available in various thickness to suit a variety of applications and environments.
Insulock pre-moulded fitting covers and jacketing adds to the insulation value from hot and cold surfaces and is suitable for insulating cold, hot, refrigerated, chilled or steam pipingin commercial, industrial, institutional, food and pharmaceutical industries.

White PVC cladding is UV Stable.
PVC Gloss finish acts as a natural deterrent to mould and mildew growth.
Vapour barrier PVC makes this material indispensable for cold service piping systems.
Non sparking, safe where flammable or explosive materials and atmosphere are involved.
Excellent chemical resistance.
PVC easily washed down with soap and water and most commercial cleaners.
When used outdoors, PVC covers and fitting covers need not be painted or coated.
Lower installation costs.
Low maintenance as it will not corrode or dent.

Excellent chemical resistance to most commercial chemicals and is suitable in most wash down situations.They are resistant to most industrial fumes, humidity conditions, salt water and adverse weather. The effect of chemical attack on PVC is substantially different than the effect on metals, which is known as corrosion. Metallic corrosion means the slow wearing away by chemical or electrolytic action. Scratches or surface abrasions on PVC do not provide sites for corrosion attack. Chemical attack on PVC is indicated by swelling and dissolving. Swelling normally precedes dissolving and alters the properties of the PVC. PVC fitting covers and jacketing, unlike metals are inherently immune to galvanic or electrolytic action. They can be used in the presence of metals and can be connected to other materials used for insulation around metals. PVC fitting covers and jacketing are non sparking, and therefore safe wherever flammable or explosive materials and atmospheres are involved. They are non-toxic, odourless and tasteless. These facts are important when used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Chemical resistance chart data is based on total immersion of the PVC in the chemical named. Corrosion of the PVC due to fumes from the chemicals in the atmosphere is much less pronounced in most cases.