Thermal Insulation Covers

Thermal Removable Insulation Covers for Chilled and Hot Connections

Thermal Insulation Removable Covers are for pipe connections and equipment that require insulated flexible, removable covers, Thermal Covers can be designed for most applications including T-Valves connections, electric motors, pipe bends, chilled and hot water valves and many other uses.

High Temperature Applications

Thermal Insulation Covers

Thermal Covers for temperatures over 260℃ need the use of specialist materials. Temperature limit for both silicone and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the primary waterproof coatings impregnated into fibre-glass fabric to make removable Thermal Covers. Thermal Covers designs ensures all high temperature applications above 260℃ are constructed with quality materials that can handle temperatures in excess of 800℃. Thermal Covers recommend using a silica inner lining and a ceramic blanket insulation where suitable. 

Thermal Covers are then sewn with Inconel® thread that is suitable for both high temperature and corrosive environments.
Equipment such as diesel engine exhaust systems, generators and turbines where temperatures are extreme and also often have high vibrations, Thermal Covers are sewn with a knitted stainless steel mesh reinforcement to reinforce the Thermal Cover and prolong its life.

Construction and Specification

When specifying removable-reusable Thermal Covers insulation systems they must be professionally designed and manufactured from quality materials to be durable, effective and re-installable many times over. Thermal Covers have four basic parts: liner, insulation, outer jacket and closure.

Thermal Covers are designed and manufactured in Australia using a non-combustible inside fabric.

Thermal Covers nominate the insulation material and thickness to suit the application. They are then finished with a non-combustible outside material that resists tears and abrasions and is UV resistant.

3D Scanning technology and the latest computer modelling programs ensures that Thermo Covers can design a removable and reusable Thermo Cover to cover most shapes that require insulation, the design is then converted to a digital cut pattern where the appropriate materials are cut using a robotic plotter cutting table to ensure accuracy. Thermo Covers are machine stitched with Tri filament pure PTFE thread. PTFE thread is inert to chemical attack and is suitable for applications both indoor and outdoor and is not affected by UV light. Thermocovers have concealed internal stitching as well as external stitching to extend the life, water resistance and durability of each cover.

Thermal Covers are warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years. If a product ever fails due to a manufacturing defect, even after extended use, we will repair the product, without charge, or replace it at our discretion.

Thermal Insulation Covers

Purchasing Thermo Covers

Thermal Insulation Covers

A Thermal Cover Sales Representative will arrange a time to conduct a site visit to discuss your insulation requirements and measure all relevant equipment.
If a site measure is not possible then Thermal Covers can custom design the required Thermal Covers from engineering drawings or provide a custom designed measuring chart for your engineer to complete.

Quote will be provided outlining recommended materials and insulation that is suitable for the application.
Each item is custom designed, lead time of approximately 2-3 weeks, this can vary depending on factory loading and you will be informed of an approximate delivery date on confirmation of your purchase order.

Manufacture will not commence until specifications have been signed off and purchase order has been provided. Each cover bears a identification label tag to define the origin of each Thermal cover. This ensures that all information associated with that number is easily accessible should a cover need replacing or duplication. Thermal Cover is manufactured and completed, it’s then delivered or installed by a Thermal Cover representative for a nominal charge.

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