Insulock PVC A20 Jacketing

PVC A20 UV resistant, Jacketing is ideal in food plants, HVAC systems, Plumbing, insulation protection, or anywhere a smart, smooth, neat and tidy look is required for your pipes.

PVC A20 Jacketing is sealed with a PVC solvent-weld adhesive giving the PVC Jacketing a waterproof seal making it ideal for wash down or easy clean with wet or dry cloths A20 Jacketing is Cut and Curl PVC available 1220mm and available .020 or special orders .030 and .040mm.

For detailed information on our product offering in Cut and Curl PVC Jacketing, please, download our latest catalog or contact us at Australian Sun Energy

PVC Color Jacketing is only available in 1220mm rolls and in .020″ and .030″ thicknesses. PVC Color Jacketing is not rated for outdoor usage. Note. colors are special orders only.

Insulock PVC A20 Jacketing
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