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Change the way buildings are conditioned

Change the way buildings are conditioned
We change the way buildings are conditioned and reduce carbon footprint.
Did you know that YOU have a carbon footprint?
And did you know that the heating and air conditioning system in your home can have
a significant impact on YOUR carbon footprint?
A MESSANA Australia system helps you save energy and lower your energy bill.
Green Your Home… Reduce YOUR carbon Footprint!

We are a small team with BIG IDEAS. We are passionate advocates of RADIANT COOLING, committed to change the way spaces are conditioned to improve the Thermal Wellbeing TM of their occupants lowering the carbon footprint. Air conditioning is an outdated technology and major contributor of global warming, the future is radiant. At MESSANA Australiawe are dedicated to design the ultimate radiant heating and cooling system for you.

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Messana offers a unique CLIMATE CONTROL PLATFORM designed with 20-year experience in hydronic radiant cooling and heating. The Messana control system integrates a unique technology to modulate radiant fluid temperatures so that surfaces stay above the dew-point, while keeping occupants comfortable and boosting energy efficiency.