Multi Calor Pipe

Struttura Multicalor Ing 1
Aquatechnik Multi Calor Pipes
Aquatechnik Multi Calor Pipes

Advantages of Multi Layer Pipe

Reduced pressure loss: the extremely smooth internal surface, as well as preventing the formation of deposits such as lime scale, ensures reduced pressure loss also with the passage of time.

Guaranteed durability of at least 50 years: the system has guaranteed the durability of at least 50 years in compliance with product standards; in this period the product can be used at pressures of 10 bar and temperatures as high as 95°C.

Barrier against oxygen and light: the butt-welded aluminium layer acts as a total barrier against oxygen and light, which in single layer plastic pipes would otherwise favour algae growth and the corrosion of the metal parts that make up the system.

Lower thermal expansion: thermal expansion is approximately 8 times lower than all plastic pipes and is similar to the expansion in metallic pipes (It means that they could easily replace copper due to the high performance, stability and very low elongations).

Non-toxic materials: the system is made up of materials that are completely non-toxic and is certified for the transport of consumable fluids and drinking water.

Light in weight: the pipes are extremely light in weight when compared with metallic pipes: weight is 1/3 of a similar copper pipe and is 1/10 of a similar steel pipe.

Environmentally friendly, the Green choice: The multi-calor pipe is produced with materials that can be completely recycled, which, at the end of their service life can be recovered. The production processes used are energy efficient and are of a low environmental impact; in terms of the environment and conservation of resources, the multi-calor pipe is in line with Green Building principles.