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Aquatechnik ISO Technik-Pre Insulated Pipe Systems
Aquatechnik ISO Technik-Pre Insulated Pipe Systems


ISO-technik pipe is suitable for air conditioning and compressed air systems, cold and hot water for mechanical installations at high temperature, such as chilled water industrial grade air-conditioning and HVAC systems, irrigation, shipbuilding, Geothermal plants, agriculture, UV exposure.


The iso-technik system also has several advantages in terms of installation:

Easy installation, quick application and safe joints by means of hot-melt sealing, from O 32 to 125 mm, butt welding from O 160 to 315 mm and electro welding.
Dedicated welding equipment, with welding machines that mechanically self-align the pipes (from O 50 to 315 mm).
Reduced linear mass with respect to metal pipes, so it is easier to manoeuvre the materials on site. It is not necessary to perform transverse welding trenches. No crane hoists and/or similar devices are needed to handle the items during the welding operation.
Selection of single and/or double seal repairing joints to be carried out by means of on-site foaming using a PUR (two component) system.
Facilitated pipe casing removal (service pipe cutting, removal of the heat insulator and casing), for customised installation.
Possibility to assemble the line outside the trench and re-position in the trench at a later stage; it is very useful in the event of very bad weather conditions that make the trench unusable.
In case there are no direction changes by means of “cold” installation, the iso-technik system offers excellent self-compensation features (only in case of underground installations). Therefore, it is not necessary to provide for loops, omegas, mechanical compensators, thrust bearings and all the solutions that increase work costs.
Possible installation in “pre-tension” conditions with open trench, which consists in preheating the lines with temperatures that reach at least 50% of the max. design temperature, before being buried to close the excavation. This is possible also thanks to the reduced mechanical stresses that the pipe develops due to thermal expansion. These are proportional to E modulus, which for fibre-reinforced PP is about 1,5 GPa, 100 times lower than steel.