Aquatechnik Group Distribution Manifolds

Main Features

Taking advantage of the high performances of the fusio-technik pipes and of the wide range of fittings and accessories proposed by the company, we present the new DISTRIBUTION GROUP for central heating systems, composed of hydraulic separators and custom-made manifolds, that allows the resolution of problems related to the variation of flow rate and head of each circuits, avoiding pressure peaks due to the delayed operation of the pumps controlling the operation of each circuit of the system.
The Distribution Group combines a series of technological advantages and aesthetic features of compactness and design, all made in Italy.


Particularly suitable for the construction of thermal power plants for heating and air conditioning systems, they are also suitable for the conveyance of cold and medium tem- perature drinking water.


  • High resistance to oxidizing agents
  • Increased resistance to temperature and pressures
  • Low termal dispersion
  • Reduced oxygen permeability
  • Reduced weight
  • Speed and safety during installation thanks to thermofusion welding
  • Total resistance to corrosion
  • No painting required

Size Range

From Ø 63mm to 110mm with outputs from Ø 32mm to 63mm