Safety System - Lead Free - Full Flow - Leak Proof

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Aquatechnik Safety - Lead Free Polymer Pipe Systems

Full Flow, Reduced Pressure Drop, Leak Proof System

Aquatechnik system is a range of patented fittings designed to ensure the highest safety when connecting multi-layer pipes and to improve the technical and working performance of installations. The long development on prototypes in different materials allowed a careful choice of materials for the final product. These fittings have been tested to verify their reliability under the harshest working conditions. has gained highly positive results, confirmed by Quality Certification institutes, resulting in highly successful introduction into the market. The range of fittings is extensive to cater for any kind of sanitary system

Main Features

  • Designed to give maximum protection to joints that are to be installed inside and outside of walls. The Safety system is distinguished by two key factors:
  • Widening of the ends of the pipe (flaring), made with specific, patented equipment which allows the pipe to be easily, quickly and safely fitted
  • Pipe is positioned and blocked onto the fitting using the cap, which eliminates any possibility of damaging movements and, if necessary, it can be disassembled to allow the fitting to be recovered very easily.

Plumbing Applicatiuon

Hygienic-sanitary systems, heating and conditioning, industrial plants for the conveyance of different fluids, compressed air, noble gas, drinking- and not-drinking water.

Advantages Compared to Alternative Systems

  • total safety in joining pipe to fitting
  • higher flowing, less pressure drop and noise, energy saving
  • quick to install, low costs and cheap processing tools
  • maximum hygiene of installations and absence of corrosion, thanks to fittings entirely made of synthetic material
  • high resistance to impacts
  • easy, quick and flexible installations thanks to the complete range.
Aquatechnik Safety - Lead Free Polymer Pipe Systems

Size range from 14mm -90mm

Soundproof room, power consumption and noise comparison

Soundproof room, flow rate and noise comparison

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