Warmboard Pex Tubing and Manifolds

Tubing and Manifolds

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Warmboard Pex Tubing and Manifolds

As part of our commitment to simplify the processes surrounding radiant floor heating, Warmboard offers tubing and manifolds with every project. Now, when ordering panels, you can also purchase these necessary mechanical components and have them shipped at a time most convenient for your job site. And because our Design Team has done the layouts for your project, we know exactly how much heated floor tubing you’ll need and the types of manifolds for a successful installation. With a word, we can add the appropriate items to your order, and you’re done. One less thing to worry about.

Warmboard Pex Tubing and Manifolds
Warmboard Pex Tubing and Manifolds


Our Aquatechnik range of Rapid high performance modular manifold range for hydronic all small and large heating systems manufactured from PPSU. PPSU is the highest performing polysulfone known for its high toughness, high flexural and tensile strength, excellent hydrolytic stability and good resistance to chemicals and heat. PPSU has the best chemical resistance of all polyethersulfones, highly resistant to aqueous mineral acids, bases, and oxidizing agents and most solvents making these manifolds ideal for hydronic heating systems. 

PEX Tubing

Warmboard Australia supplies PEX-Aluminum-PEX 16mm OD radiant floor tubing with every panel order and range of components. Our Aquatechnik pipe range is WaterMarked and certified by regulatory authorities, complies with the laws in force for the conveyance of potable fluids for human consumption in countries including Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, USA, France, Russia and Australia


As part of a streamlined hydronic heating system, Warmboard offers actuators which are perfectly paired with our radiant floor heat manifolds, opening and closing on demand to allow heated water to travel to the correct loop and zone when needed. The 24 volt, 4-wire actuators have an operating capacity of 1.8 Watts.

Installation Information

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We highly recommend that all tubing and plumbing connections for your in-floor heat system be installed only by a radiant heating contractor or licensed professional. Warmboard Australia supplies our Approved Tubing with every Warmboard order. Using unapproved brands will VOID any Warranty supplied by Warmboard Australia. 


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Warmboard Pex Tubing and Manifolds


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Warmboard Pex Tubing and Manifolds