Why Warmboard

Why Warmboard

Simply put - it's the best heating system available

Why Warmboard

Perfect for Heating Upgrades and Retrofits, Warmboard-R Installs Directly over Existing floors.

Conductivity is the heart of any radiant system

Warmboard is a giant leap forward in the evolution of radiant heating. Every aspect of the design and manufacturing of Warmboard has been implemented to maximize performance. Our patented design is the industry-leading low mass radiant heating panel. Our high conductivity brings the lowest water temperatures, decreasing energy use (and energy bills) while extending the life of your mechanical equipment. Low water temperatures allow Warmboard to seamlessly integrate with solar and geothermal systems without the need for additional hardware. Warmboard provides the fastest response, heating your home in minutes, not hours (or days), ensuring your constant comfort. And our even surface temperatures allow access to a wider variety of flooring options, from thick carpets to ornate hardwoods – something other systems just can’t offer.

We offer two panel products. Warmboard-S is a structural subfloor and radiant panel in one. It is most commonly used in new construction, and is regularly installed directly over joist. Warmboard-R is a smaller, thinner panel ideal for remodels and retrofits. Warmboard-R typically installs over an existing subfloor or slab, but is also used in walls or ceilings when the original floors should remain intact. We now also offer our Warmboard Comfort System which is an entire suite of components and includes everything necessary to heat your next home.

When working with Warmboard, we walk you through the entire process with our one-on-one customer support. Every order includes scale drawings with panel and tubing layouts, manifold locations and the necessary technical information specific to your project. Combined with installation manuals and devoted technical support, we ensure every project goes smoothly. Warmboard is the radiant heating system most preferred by architects, builders and homeowners. With over 25 million square feet sold from Alaska to Antarctica, California to New York, know that you’re in good hands.

Warmboard R

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Over the 3 years of designing my project and enduring construction delays (for various reasons), I’ve sent them a ton of questions and phone messages. They have followed up on every single one, even providing technical information and explanations. Every individual seems passionate, and ethical, about the product…where do you find that today?
JoEllen H., Alaska