Warmboard Underfloor Heating


Warmboard R

Warmboard-R is our Hydronic heating radiant panel designed specifically for retrofits and remodels. It is a 20mm thick radiant panel that provides unmatched response, energy efficiency and comfort. Warmboard-R panels measure 600mm x 1200mm and are ideal for installing over existing subfloor or slab. They are also used regularly in wall and ceiling installations. As the panels are installed, the modular channel pattern automatically produces the tubing layout, a process that takes much more time with other radiant systems. Rolling out the 16mm PEX (Alu-PEX) tubing into the stamped pattern and attach to the hydronic circuit. This smooth process saves you money throughout your construction process.

The entire panel, including the tubing channel, is bonded to thick aluminium, creating a highly conductive surface which pulls the heat from the tube rapidly and spreads evenly throughout your home. Warmboard-R delivers a sturdier floor for your clients as well, and virtually any type of flooring can be installed over these panels.



Panel Thickness – 20mm

Panel Size – 600mm Wide x 1220mm Long

Tubing Spacing – 300mm

Panel Types – Straight and Turn

Conductive Material –  0.0635mm Thick 1060 Aluminum


Warmboard S

This smaller, thinner panel is ideal for installing in radiant heat retrofit designs, over existing subfloor or slab, or walls or ceiling

Warmboard R

Warmboard Design Our design team will work with you (or architect or builder) to design the optimal panel layout for your project, including your zone preferences. Colour-coded plans are provided showing where each panel installs, and includes tubing layouts and manifold locations well. Each project includes tools to ensure a smooth installation, including alignment pins and router templates. While installation is generally done by professionals, many DIY’ers have successfully installed their own Warmboard-R panels, and then hired a plumber for other parts of the project.

Warmboard-R and Warmboard-S hydronic heating radiant panels offer the same superior heating performance. Both products are made with the same thick aluminium that covers the entire panel surface, including all straight and curved channels where tubing is placed. Thermodynamically identical, both products provide the same benefits of comfort and energy efficiency. Generally, new construction and new additions will use Warmboard-S, benefiting from its dual function as a structural sub-floor. Re-modelled areas of a home will typically use Warmboard-R. Our staff are ready to guide you through this process should you have further questions.

Installation Information

   Warmboard-R  Installa Manual


Learn more about the many benefits of Warmboard-S and watch our installation video


Warmboard R


Warmboard R

Radiant Advantages

Warmboard R